Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hey, this is my first post and I'm pretty excited! A couple things I really like are, writing, music, milk, ice cream, singing, Taylor Swift, saxophone and the color pink. I am writing a children's book, Tiny Grape, which is going to be a series about a Grape who meets friends and learns lessons. My favorite music artist is Taylor Swift, I love all of her songs but my favorite one would have to be Come In With The Rain. My absolute favorite food group is dairy, as you can tell, since I love milk and ice cream. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Moose Tracks! I play saxophone and my voice and I really enjoy both of them even if I annoy my sister sometimes... :) And last but not least, my favorite color is pink but I also like green too! Thats about it, the basics of me, hope you enjoyed!

Writing My Way Through The Day,